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A Bit About Me

I started writing as a young girl. Books inspired me every day. My mom was a librarian and asked for my input on newly released books for kids and teens. I often reviewed books with a thought on how I could make these stories even better. Eventually, I started writing my own stories, winning a publishing contest when I was 11 years old. 

I never looked back. Today I understand how to manipulate words into art. I've written for newspapers, magazines, technical journals, and websites that specialize in education, medicine, comic books, gaming, luxury real estate, mental health, and sales - and more. 

Art was a natural hobby to accompany my writing. I was the kid who turned in all of my assignments with doodles in the margins. All of my lettering has been elaborate and, let's be honest, a little extra for as long as I can remember. I first broke into journalism as a graphic artist before digital art took the industry by storm.


Why not turn that natural love of art into a business?


As digital art became a more popular medium, I jumped at the chance to add to my skill set and learn a new hobby. That new hobby turned into an absolute obsession. Suddenly, all the artistic hobbies I loved before could exist in one virtual place. I could design stunning logos and original typeface... and I could draw magical girls with cats. What a win!

If I'm not creating for you, I'm creating for my own pleasure. When I design for clients, the product is a representation of me and my craft. I will always give you my best. 

When I make art for myself, there's no real prediction of what comes next. I don't even know where my whims will lead me to every day. I might be drawing or sculpting with clay. I may be using photography to create pillows for my entire family! 

I live in Colorado with five pets: a husky, three cats, and my son. I love plants, music, bugs, gaming, being outdoors, and fantastic stories in every art form. 

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