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Professional Portfolio  Writing

Comic Book Resources reaches over 60 million readers interested in pop culture, comic books, and geek-related news. As a staff writer at, I write about video games. It's a fun way to engage in multiple hobbies at once. I created all images featured in my articles. 

Blu has written for various sites, such as Comic Book Resources.

Real Estate Blogs

I crafted these blogs for luxury realtors. While the destinations may change, the request is the same: high-quality copy to inform and entice new clients. I write community guides, informative blogs, and checklists.  

Luxurious real estate properties

Aleeria launched her website with big ideas and a full heart. Together, we made sure her vision came through clearly so her clients could find her.

Home page of Aleerialuv

Cornerstone Church of Littlerock is a small church that's had several webmasters disappear, leaving them without a site. I built a new site and stayed on retainer status for several years, loading weekly videos, managing an event calendar, and highlighting big events as requested. 

Cornerstone Church of Littlerock Design

Professional Portfolio Graphics 

Do You Know Narcolepsy?

An infographic paper brochure and poster crafted for Hypersomnolence Japan. I created this infographic for distribution on World Narcolepsy Awareness Day. Hypersomnolence Japan distributed the finished products to clinics and doctors across Asia. We worked to increase awareness and education. 

Narcolepsy Poster: Do You Know Narcolepsy?

AleeriaLuv Logo

Aleeria Luv is an Alternative Lifestyle Coach. I created her logo to reflect her environment, passions, and the aura of her burgeoning business.

Logo for Aleerialuv featuring a dragonfly, mountains, and aurora colors

Stories Between the Sheets Logo

Stories Between the Sheets is an upcoming podcast about sexual health and acceptance. I created the logo to reflect the ideas of the hosts.

Logo for podcast Stories Between the Sheets
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