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Welcome to my site. I don’t know how you got here, but I am super happy to meet you.

My name is Blu. I am a writer, artist, and narcoleptic mom in my 40s. I recently moved from California to Colorado. (Spoiler: I LOVE IT!) We bought our first house outside of Denver. I hope everyone likes it because I am not planning to move again soon.

A Southern Farm Girl

I grew up on backwoods farmland in southern Alabama, the daughter of a mechanic and a librarian. I was born in Texas. Our entire family lived in Texas when we moved to Alabama. I was stuck making friends when I didn’t know a single soul in the state.

To be honest, I never felt like I fit into my small town. Not that I didn’t like the people or the area; in fact, it was a beautiful place to grow up.

I didn’t fit, though. I had big ideas about changing the world with art and words. I also had a different moral mindset than a lot of our neighbors. I grew up in churches, vividly aware of the flaws within the system. I wasn’t very good at keeping my opinions to myself and thought the idea of being a “Proper Lady” sounded pretty stupid.

Moving On

I met a man while playing an online video game and we became best friends. Eventually, he flew out to Alabama and asked me to marry him. I transplanted my entire life to California amidst all the warnings about how it’s a completely different world. I received a lot of warnings regarding the high possibility that my new fiancé is definitely an axe murderer.

Still, I moved.

I hated it. I moved from the green spreads of farmland to the desert. Sand and heat stretched in any direction you looked (ahem it’s a dry heat though.) No beaches. No gorgeous Redwood forests. Just dirt and dry air. My husband was working on an Air Force base and until his job changed, we were stuck. I knew I simply had to make it work, but I made it clear how much I didn’t like the desert.

Everything Moves Quickly

I married my fiancé three months after moving into a house he chose while talking to me on the phone. Then, I got pregnant on my honeymoon. (Be careful honeymooning at Disneyland. That’s all I have to say about that.) Within a year of meeting this man, we were married and had a son.

Our son is amazing. He is turning 16 in a few days and his presence improved my entire life. My son is one of those humans with a love-filled heart, a fast smile, and a desire to help anyone who needs help. I am seriously lucky.

My only goal as a mom: Don’t raise another asshole. We already have plenty running amok out there, don’t we?

More Responsibility, Less Pay

I also take care of my parents as their health has declined in recent years. They have been married for forty-four years and they are inseparable. Both of my parents have diabetes, causing many health issues and changes in our lives.

So here we are: a mom, a dad, a son, a grandmother, and a grandfather… and a husky and some cats. We moved in July 2023. We picked this house over the phone, too, by the way. My sister, who already lived in this area, walked through every house we viewed. She and our realtor did a great job finding us a house that could become our perfect home!


But it’s a lot to adjust to. Now, we are constantly in contact with family members. My sister and her four children spend a lot of time with us, catching up on family events and celebrating new milestones together. Sometimes, this overwhelms me. We were a silent, secluded little family, and now we are large, loud, and active. It’s a lot for a sleepy introvert!

Even since July, it seems like so much has happened very quickly. We now have this house with a yard and a pool. None of us have ever owned a house. Or a pool‌. We are learning so much every day. I have so many plans to complete projects and finish up the decor of our home.

I don’t even know where everything is in our town. I’ll get to it, maybe.

The Problem:

I have too many plans! I mentioned I am an artist. This is not only a boon to my existence but also a derailing, distracting passion. Each day, I plan to work on something specific. Then, I wake up with an overwhelming desire to do nothing but draw, paint, bake, or sculpt something. Isn’t ADHD a blast?

Wait until I tell you more about narcolepsy…

All With Love

It takes constant effort to get things done around here, probably because I choose to embrace my brain rather than fight against it. Luckily, my husband also accepts me exactly the way I am. He works from home and we do what we can to keep things moving smoothly for the entire family.

We deal with parenting, health problems, family intricacies, finishing our new house, and anything else that comes our way. We try to do it with love because it’s the best tool we’ve got in our pockets. Most of the time, sarcasm and sass find their way into the mix, too.

Thanks for joining me for this ride. I do not know what you will see here, but I hope you enjoy it. Grab a seat and I’ll get you some tea. I am happy to make a new friend!

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